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LaserLyte Gun Sight Trainer Glock 42 43 26 27 (UTA-YY)

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LASERLYTE UTA-YY Laser Sight Trainer for GLOCK 42 43 26 27. LASER DOT for fast aim. LASER TRAINER for firearm training. PUSH BUTTON activation for simple use. AUTO-OFF to save battery life.

  • FITS: GLOCK 42 - 380 ACP 43 - 9 MM 26 - 9 MM 27 - 40 SW Generation 1234 G42 G43 G26 G27
  • LASER GUN SIGHT: When mounted adjust the laser to bullet impact. Use the laser to quickly aim at your target. Use the laser to rapidly aim after the gun recoils. Use the laser to teach new or challenged shooters
  • LASER TRAINER: The sound activated laser fires a red dot for 1/10 of a second simulating bullet impact. Use the trainer for trigger control practice. Use the trainer for instructing new or beginner shooters
  • PUSH BUTTON ACTIVATION: Simple and fast push button activation. Use either side to turn the laser on or off this system is fully ambidextrous CUSTOM FIT: This system will contain one laser unit and two sets of laser bodies
  • This gun sight is the brightest and most powerful laser Laserlyte is legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm < 5mW Class: IIIa

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