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CRKT Chogan Mattock Ax 19" Black

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This timeless tool is ready for new adventures. From the trenches of WWI comes the Chogan Mattock a tool purpose-built for portability. Based on the common digging tool used by British infantry the head can be removed from the handle for compact storage in your vehicle on a backpack or in your tool shed. What’s more that same handle is compatible with the tomahawk head from the Chogan T-Hawk giving you the option to wield two tools with one handle for either more versatility or redundancy.

The head is made of drop-forged 1050 steel for extreme toughness and durability and the handle is fire-treated Tennessee hickory. Together they make for a capable tool that comes out swinging and holds up to abuse. As a mattock the head has both a broad blade and a spike the latter of which is perfect for breaking up tough ground.

Beyond the trenches designer Ryan Johnson also drew inspiration from his own life in creating the mattock. In his words he had “a lot of experience playing in the dirt” as a kid. He grew up gardening and searching for buried artifacts and learned early on the importance of a good digging tool. But unlike your garden-variety pickaxe the Chogan™ Mattock is much smaller and lighter built to be taken on adventures. When paired with the optional woven nylon carrying sheath it’s the perfect companion for overlanding and camping.


  • Forged Tough: 1055 carbon steel provides durability and edge retention
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Multi-Purpose Utility: Adze blade scraping and cutting or use spike for penetration tasks
  • Durable: Tennessee hickory is a dense material that withstands hard use
  • Fire Treated: Tennessee hickory handle is burnt to add dark textures

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