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Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher Refill 14 Live Projectiles + 2 CO2

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Contains 2 x Red Pepper Powder (OC+PAVA Rounds) (Seven per Tube) & 2 x 12 Gram CO2 Cartridge

Designed for the SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit this reloading kit includes two tubes containing a total of 14 red powder rounds along with two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. These SABRE defense kits are also ideal for practice using your Pepper Spray Launcher so you will be able to use it effectively in case of emergency.

  • Deters Intruders with Red Pepper Powder: Formula found within the projectiles can cause a severe burning sensation to the facial area involuntary eye closure coughing and excessive sneezing allowing time to flee
  • Multiple Round Deployment: Each C02 cartridge allows for at least 14 projectiles to be deployed until a replacement is needed allowing you multiple practice rounds or to defend your home from multiple attackers with live unit
  • Reload with Confidence: Each Kit comes with instructions on how to safely load and unload projectiles and C02 cartridges

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