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LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight .223 / .556 .308 & .30-06 (CB-L368)

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  • Laser .223 / .556
  • Sleeve .308 and .30-06
  • Machined to SAAMI Specs
  • Fast drop in chamber setup
  • MACHINED BRASS to SAMMI specifications is extremely accurate. The laser shines from where the bullet will come from so it ensures the shots are on target the soft brass will not harm the chamber.
  • 223 LASER BORE SIGHT will sight in new scopes rings bases that were just mounted on the rifle. This system will also sight in laser sights and iron sights modern sporting rifles and muzzle breaks.
  • ADAPTER CARTRIDGES quickly accept the laser 223 inside of it to expanding to the next caliber. With the included push rod quickly swap the laser out with the two the sleeves or just use the 556 nato laser.
  • BRIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL laser Laserlyte is legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm <5mW Class: IIIa
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